Christopher holding Zeke, Bella, Max, and Gemma from the 2007 litter.

Astraean Border Collies is a small artisan breeder with over 40 years of experience with Border Collies. We produce only occasional litters of home-raised border collie pups with an emphasis on exceptional temperaments. We don’t sacrifice health or personality to win ribbons, impress judges, or follow the herd.  Our dogs are family and our breeding stock was carefully chosen for uncompromising quality.

Our primary goal is to produce Border Collies with rock solid temperaments, dogs that will be welcomed with you wherever you go and which will leave an indelible impression.  Dogs that will sleep in your bed and ride shotgun in your Jeep and which will have more friends than you on Facebook.

Our foundation dogs know no strangers and are amazingly people oriented.  Their offspring have proven to carry these traits as well.

Half of our puppies are owned by professional dog handlers who earn a living with their canine companions. They are at work in dog training centers, working cattle and horse ranches, excelling in all manner of dog sports; doing therapy work in hospitals and hospice and providing trained assistance for the disabled; one is a retail store ambassador; another is a dog walking service mascot, and several hobby herd sheep and goats, and model in print and film for The Bark Magazine, Kong, and others.

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