AKC DN13910603 – DOB 3/20/2006 – Black & White Rough Coat
Sire: Adventure’s Of Cowboy Dude – DN00341005
Dam: Adventure’s Desire – DL79273403

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Celeste is a gorgeous and sound classically marked female from American Agility and Conformation lines.  She’s razor sharp and an outstanding athlete, always topping her class at anything she tries.   Her most endearing quality is her rock-solid and human-focused temperament, she is at ease and perfectly behaved around children and the elderly alike.  Her feminine charm wins her friends and admirers wherever she goes, from doing therapy work at hospitals and hospice to competing in a variety of dog sports.  She’s been trained in Agility, Flyball, Frisbee and livestock work on sheep and goats.  She has passed her finer qualities on to her puppies and the more I get to know her and see what she is capable of, the more confident I am in my choice to make her the foundation of my breeding program.

She’s the most affectionate Border Collie that most people have ever met, but she’s in no way needy.  Her excited wiggle and generous kisses win over hearts wherever she goes, and her complete lack of standoffish neuroticism that is common in Border Collie bitches makes her quite the exception.  Her face is so becoming she has been featured in print magazines and in the acclaimed book DogJoy: The Happiest Dogs in the Universe.  Her uncharacteristic warmth is juxtaposed with an amazing tenacity, she is proof that the female of the species is more deadly than the male. She’s swift enough to run down a rabbit and agile enough to catch and dispatch squirrels as they try and escape the apple trees in the center of the yard.  She’s a hard dog who is easy to train, an independent woman who is self assured as any, and in all respects a force of nature.

Her full name is Adventure’s of Arabelle Celeste.  Adventure is the kennel name of her outstanding breeder and Arabelle Celeste is a combination of “beautiful Earth” and “heavenly” which suits her personality as both grounded, beautiful, and exceptional. The Gaelic for Comet is “Realt Eireabail,” with Realt meaning ‘star’ and Eireabail meaning ‘blazing tale;’ so Celeste’s name evokes a star streaking brightly across the sky. It’s also a play on “Belle Star” the famous Wild West female sharpshooter, and Celeste embodies the tough girl who hasn’t lost her feminine side ethic. The “belle” in her name is a legacy from my previous Border Collie female, Bonnie Belle.

Celeste is an old soul who handles new and challenging situations with aplomb.  She is a confident, caring, and patient mother to her puppies.  She was a natural with her first litter, never showing nerves, ignorance, or ineptitude that seems to becoming more common in dog breeding.  She had no issues mating, gestating, and whelping her puppies.

She is a robust and healthy dog.  Her eyes are clear and bright, her teeth are naturally clean without human intervention, her coat is thick and shiny with a silky texture.  Her hips are tight and her joints are as supple and arthritis free at 6.5 as they were when she was a puppy.  Her only non-routine visit to the Vet’s office was for a partially torn ligament in her leg after she got t-boned by an out of control mastiff at the dog park.

Her pedigree is filled with performance and conformation champions, and yet her breeding is out-crossed with a Cofficient of Inbreeding over 10 generations of only 0.0022 (that’s less than 1/4 of 1%) and you must go back 7 generations on one side and 8 on the other to find a common ancestor between her parents.

Celeste came to me from the excellent Sandy Reeves who founded and runs the North Idaho School of Dog Obedience where she has produced and trained legions of top winning dogs in all dog sports and conformation shows.  Her mother is the beautiful and talented Dezi and her father is the handsome and versatile Cowboy.

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