AKC DN14512501 / ABCA 280570
DOB 1/14/2006 – Tricolor Rough Coat
Sire: Yippee Kye Yay – ABC 214956
Dam: Jazz – ABC 256411

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Dublin is an athletic tri-colored male from pure working lines with dogs proven on both cattle and sheep. He has a heart of gold and a playful charisma that you can’t help but adore. He talks, especially when he’s hungry or wants to play Frisbee, and the morning doesn’t officially start until he’s climbed up my lap, placed his paws around my shoulders, and gotten his fill of hugging. He sleeps on his back, on my bed, or even cuddled in my arms and when he was a puppy he’d sleep on my pillow and suckle on my hair. He’s a soft dog who always aims to please, and he loves riding in the car with his head out the window.

His full name is Dublin Rex. Dublin is Gaelic for “black pool” which fittingly describes his deep saucer-like black eyes and the depth of his calm character. The Rex is Latin for “king” and stands for the regal quality I so admired in my last Border Collie male, Black Jack, hoping that the name would instill the same confidence and air in Dublin. As a pup and even now, he loves to play King of the Hill, perching on the back of the couch, at the head of the bed, or crawling up to the highest vantage point in the car.

Dublin is a skilled athlete. He is fit, fast, and always performs at game time. He tore up the field during his debut year in Frisbee competition, making it all the way to the Semi-Finals of the respected QUAD distance competition with an impressive 52 meter catch. We were just edged out by the team that won the finals, and only because my throw fell short, not because Dublin didn’t give it 100% and made each catch I threw.  Dublin has maintained this consistent excellence in distance Frisbee and last year in 2011 we broke into the Men’s Finals in the QUAD and this year despite finishing just outside the QUAD finals once again we qualified fore the United FrisbeeDog Organization’s World Cup Finals in Long Distance.  We couldn’t attend because Bear the puppy was only 2 weeks old at the time and required our full attention, but Dublin has proven himself a world-class athlete again and again on the competition field.

Dublin made his Flyball debut at the 2007 National Western Stock Show and wowed the crowd with his energy and determination. He was spot on in front of the large and noisy crowd and really hammed it up when he finished his runs. He’s a natural showman and really gets excited to perform.

Dublin has been trained to competition level in Agility, but following my father’s stroke in 2009, I decided to forgo a competitive agility career in favor of focusing on Disc sport.  He’s a real trooper during Agility, always positive and amenable to getting it right. He is a careful listener and takes direction well, and he’s so stable that he never gets overly excited and out of hand.

Given his impressive working pedigree (both of his parents were working sheep dogs and his grandfather Hoss was the Reserve National Cattle Dog Champion in 2008) I have also taken Dublin to train on sheep. Both he and I have taken lessons on handling technique and while our busy schedule precludes stock trials, Dublin has really enjoyed our vacations to Wyoming where he was a natural working cattle with his daughter Bella. With little prompting from me Dublin successfully rounded up and returned stray calves that had broken through fences or escaped past the mounted riders during the roundup for branding. Training and competitive venues in trialing aren’t as numerous or as convenient as Flyball, Frisbee, and Agility, but there’s nothing quite like working sheep with a Border Collie so we both make the effort to work sheep for fun during the off-season from Frisbee.

Dublin came to me from the esteemed Dan Korf who runs Hawk Stock Dogs: Working Stock Dogs, Sheep & Cattle where he breeds quality livestock and top winning stock dogs on both sheep and cattle, including his grandfather Hoss the Reserve National Champion, and his uncle Tater Salad, the 2012 Midwest Regional Cow Dog Champion.

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