2007 Litter

Sunny, now “Zeke”

Sunny [now Zeke] is as sweet as he is adorable. Razor sharp, content, with eyes that melt your heart. His markings are ideal, large blaze, thick collar, white tips. He’s rough coated with soft silky hair. He’ll take you to the top in any dog sport you choose, and he’ll win your heart first. It looks like he’s shaping up to be small like his mother, although he does have a healthy appetite.

Stella, now “Stella-Rose”

Stella is a confident and balanced puppy. She’s an old soul, unafraid of new experiences and quietly graceful. A kisser and an ear-licker, she’ll win your heart in no time. She has freckles on her nose, a beautiful white blaze, white socks and a thin white collar with a black star cut out of it. She’ll be a sleek star in any dog sport you pursue and a constant companion. She has sleek lines and will be a flashy dog.

Lonestar, now “Maximus”

Lonestar [now Maximus] is a lot of dog in a stunning package. He’s bold, brave, fearless even. He’s determined, active, and not for the lazy or boring owner. Channel his drive and he’ll take you right to the top. He is mostly black with white tipped tail, white toes, white chest and underbelly, and a beautiful blaze up his nose. He has one white star on the back of his neck (thus the name). He (like both of his parents and all the puppies) will have a medium-rough coat. He’s the rebel and the sweetheart in one.


Bella is an angel. She’s everything you’d want in a dog. She’s beautiful, sweet, feisty when you want to play and mellow when she’s cuddling in your lap. Beautiful collar, full white blaze, white chest and white tips on her toes. She has a rough silky coat. She’s so adorable, the competition will be all the more jealous when she excels in the dog sport arena. Brains, beauty, temperament and agility, she has it all. If Lonestar is the manly-man, Bella is certainly the girly-girl.

We kept Mercury to further our breeding program into the next generation:


We kept Gemma as a companion:


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