2008 Litter

In 2008, Dublin was studded out to Mara, a gorgeous girl owned by Morgan Moore of MLM Arabians.

Mara of MLM Arabians

Dublin bred Mara late in her cycle and produced a small litter of two devilishly handsome boys. Cute as hell, no? The one on the left is Miko, and the one on the right is Kurt.

Miko and Kurt

Mara is sweetheart and one of the most unusual Border Collies I have ever seen. She has a great temperament, is impeccably trained, and is quite the athlete. The best part is that her owner is one of the few people doing right by Arabian Horses (i.e. she’s well read and experienced in the issues of breeding performance animals), she has a solid head on her shoulders, and works with dogs professionally nearly every day.

Her pedigree lists her color as “cryptic lilac merle/tri” and you can see how varied her color is depending upon the light. The lilac in her coat has a handful of darker spots and lighter spots, thus the “cryptic” label, and she has solidly brown tri markings. Dublin’s tri markings appear to have a dilute gene attached, as they look like the blond color you see in ‘ee red’ Border Collies.


The puppy on the left (Miko) appears to hold Mara’s dark brown tri and the puppy on the right (Kurt) has Dublin’s blond tri markings.

Mara’s sire is a blue merle tri and her dam is red and white with a white piebald spot on her back and ear.

While Kurt is clearly a black tri, figuring out what color Miko really is presents a challenge. Is his mother really a cryptic merle lilac tri? Is that his coat color as well? Is he sable tri? Is he a merle?

Mara and one of her sons with Dublin appear in a National TV ad for the Wubba toy by Kong.
Keep your eyes peeled at 14 seconds where Mara and Kurt can be seen running through a mountain meadow toward the camera, jockeying for possession of the Wubba:


Here are some more photos of Miko and Kurt:

Miko’s first bath

Miko’s got a toy


Miko wants to swim


Miko and Chelsea


Grown up Kurt in the snow

Happy Kurt is happy


Kurt (Dublin x Mara) and Apollo (Mercury x Mara)


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