2012 Litter

Bear at 11 weeks.

Adorable AKC Registerable Purebred Male Border Collie Puppy

Black and White DOB: 9/19/2012 (11 weeks old)

  • Out-crossed breeding with very low inbreeding 0.05% COI(7)
  • Parents DNA & PennHIP tested, healthy, and active at 7 years old
  • Worldclass athletes with superb personalities and gorgeous looks.
  • Repeat breeding with proven results, siblings are exceptional ambassadors of the breed.
  • Over 400 Herding Trial and Show Champions in Bear’s Pedigree
  • Vaccinated, Wormed, Health Certificate for Shipping

Bear with mom, Celeste

Bear napping.

Newborn Bear curled up.

Bear’s first words: Aaaaahhhhwooooo!

Puppy Bear thinks “Are you going to eat that?”

Bear loves to play tug.

Bear raiding the fridge.

Bear is not guilty of raiding the fridge, because all the food belongs to Bear and you can’t steal food that’s already yours.

Half of our puppies are owned by professional dog handlers who earn a living with their canine companions. They are at work in dog training centers, working cattle and horse ranches, excelling in all manner of dog sports; doing therapy work in hospitals and assistance for the disabled; a retail store ambassador; a dog walking service mascot, hobby herding sheep and goats, and modeling in print and film for The Bark Magazine, Kong, and others.
Astraean Border Collies is a small artisan breeder who produces only occasional litters of home-raised border collie pups with an emphasis on exceptional temperaments. We don’t sacrifice health or personality to win ribbons or impress judges, Our dogs are family and our breeding stock was carefully chosen for uncompromising quality. Bear’s pedigree goes back thru 5,000 dogs to the breed founders. There are over 400 herding trial and show champions in Bear’s ancestry. We’ve had Border Collies for more than 40 years and this breeding has produced truly outstanding Border Collies that make us proud
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