Morgan, Ryan, Mara and Reveille

As small, hobby breeders, we spend a tremendous amount of individual time with our dogs. Thus reliable temperaments are of paramount importance for us.

We researched many breeders both local and across the United States in search of a suitable male for Mara, who is both our pet and a working dog. We ultimately chose Astraean Border Collies and Christopher Landauer’s Dublin and Mercury for Mara because of their outstanding temperaments, herding drive, and eagerness to please.

From these matings we produced 9 outstanding puppies that have gone on to great homes with dog trainers and families. We cannot speak highly enough of Chris’ outstanding program, albeit small, his dogs are a true testament to the fact that one can have a border collie that is not only beautiful, but also athletic, trainable, healthy, and family oriented as well.

We highly recommend anyone seeking a pet, working, or breeding dog to consider Astraean border collies.

Morgan and Ryan Moore, TX MLM Arabians,
Owner of Mara and Reveille (Mara x Mercury 2010)


Kurt is one of those dogs that typifies idea of man’s best friend and is honestly everything that I had wanted out of a Border Collie.  He is incredibly athletic, relentlessly aims to please, is amazingly goofy, and very sweet. I feel as though I could do anything I want to with this dog, from frisbee competitions, agility courses, therapy dog work, to just hanging out.

Kurt has demonstrated that he can adapt to just about any lifestyle, from apartment crate-living to running in his own backyard.  As long as he gets some attention and TLC he is a happy camper. Kurt loves hopping in the car to go anywhere or nowhere, especially if he is allowed to stick his head out the window.

We have seen on many occasions that this dog is indestructible. He has been unaffected by a shattered dew-claw, I have pulled burs from his fur with ease, and he doesn’t care what the weather is like outside. His bones are made of titanium and his fur is Teflon, but he still looks good doing all of it.

Kurt loves kids. He adores my 11 year old sister more than anything.  At a family gathering over the holidays he spent the evening herding children into the living room and made sure none of his giggling sheep went unaccounted for.  Have no doubt that he will make a great family dog for me in the future as he already fills this role for me now.

Alexander Schemmerling, CO Owner of Kurt (Mara x Dublin)

Anne and Stella Rose

Hi, I own Stella Rose–one of Celeste’s puppies–and I am enjoying her so so much.  She really is my world.

I am so blessed to have hooked up with Astraean Border Collies.  I would definitely get another border collie from Chris in a heartbeat.  He is very professional in his field and a very caring and warm person. I give him a thumbs up.

Keep up the good work! I told Stella Rose she was going to have more brothers and sisters.  I am very excited!

Anne Jay, CA Owner of Stella Rose (Celeste x Dublin)

Chris Krantz and Jackson Brown

Jackson Brown is a great dog. Sound, happy, and smart.

As a dog trainer, I need to have my dogs spot on and Jackson is my right-hand man.  He has such sharp focus, that it’s hard for non border collie owners to understand why their dog won’t give them that kind of attention. I am teaching him now to BMX (run vertically) up trees.

He is also such a great companion and dear friend. I have had many breeds of dogs but I think that I’ll always have a border collie in our family.

Chris Krantz, UT K9 Leadership Training,
Owner of Jackson Brown (Mara x Mercury 2010)

Maximus outside the shop at AAI Speed Equipment.

Hey Chris,

I wanted to let you know that Max and I finished our obedience classes at Ted Terroux’s Dog Training.  I’m pretty proud he graduated valedictorian of a class of about 20 dogs.  

He’s still active and smart as ever, playing Frisbee, ball, or anything I will trow.


Rex Skaggs, CO AAI Speed Equipment,
Owner of Maximus (Celeste x Dublin)

Greg and Zeke

I’m sooo grateful to you for your conscientious and thoughtful process in researching the bloodline, breeding two exceptional parents and producing what I consider to be the finest example of the bc breed that I’ve ever seen. What’s more, while my previous bc was also an exceptional dog, he was a rescue – due to his epilepsy (and grand mal seizures). But he was also victim to a horrendous blood-borne cancer that ultimately killed him. I worked my ass off to help him, to save him, and to give him a quality life. It not only cost me thousands and thousands of dollars – but the pain and agony was obviously incalculable. While I fully support rescuing dogs (who wouldn’t?), I know/knew my boundaries and did not want to go through that cost again – either in dollars or anguish that another rescue might have cost me. Selfish? Sure (that’s not a bad thing, though).

At any rate, while no breeder can guarantee freedom from health issues, you provided me with what I consider the best probabilities for my joyous puppy. Freedom from eye anomaly, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and all the other variables you researched when you built the immune system in my beautiful 2007 model, Zeke.

Thank you for what you did.

Greg Miles, CO Greg Miles Art,
Owner of Zeke (Celeste x Dublin)
Sasha and Bear

Sasha and Bear

I’ve been looking for a while now and I’ve finally found my border collie! =)

He’ll probably go with me on Saturday for herding, he is so great.  He is very nice, he just sits and waits for any kind of attention, and he’s great with kids just like you said.  He is so into me, I love it.  I’m very pleased and impressed already.

Thank you again, Christopher, he’s everything I’ve wanted in a Border and he can only get better. He far surpasses my expectations and I’m smitten.  I can’t wait to get him back to Rocky Ford.

Sasha Ortiz, CO Owner of Bear(Celeste x Dublin)
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